2017-11-10 jennySecurity update for permissions_by_term
2017-11-09 rootBackup of database 9 Nov 17
2017-09-05 Jeff VeitFinal changes for the Use cases on the live site.
2017-09-05 Jeff VeitFurther changes for the Use cases on the live site.
2017-09-05 Jeff VeitFix bug in style changes for the Use cases on the live...
2017-09-05 Jeff VeitStyle changes for the Use cases.
2017-08-18 jennyUpgraded drupal core with security updates
2017-08-18 rootBackup of db before drupal security update
2017-08-03 Jeff VeitAdded new block on front page.
2017-08-03 Jeff Veitcomposer.json in the wrong place. Gone now.
2017-08-03 Jeff VeitAdded another front page space for Yaffs info. Added...
2017-06-27 Jeff VeitIncluding security review as a submodule - with patched...
2017-06-27 Jeff VeitInterim commit.
2017-06-27 Jeff VeitAdded missing modules, including some as submodules.
2017-06-26 Jeff VeitUpdated link to match live site
2017-06-26 Jeff VeitMinor dependency updates
2017-06-23 Jeff VeitFurther modules included.
2017-06-23 Jeff VeitMore tidying.
2017-06-23 Jeff VeitPathologic was missing because of a .git folder inside.
2017-06-22 Jeff VeitSwitching to production mode.
2017-06-22 Jeff VeitYaffs site version 1.1
2017-06-22 Jeff VeitVersion 1
2017-03-13 Jeff VeitInitial commit