yaffs: Improve debug chunk erased checking, change refreshPeriod
[yaffs2.git] / linux-tests /
2010-04-27 Charles Manningyaffs: Change name of /proc/yaffs_stats
2010-04-26 Charles Manningyaffs: Changes to test scripts
2010-04-26 Charles Manningyaffs: Rationalise plot_data.sh
2010-04-16 Charles Manningwork in progress
2010-03-30 Charles ManningAdd more test code.
2010-03-19 Charles ManningAdd scripts for realtime plotting erased psace vs free...
2010-03-15 charlesAdd mkfiles test
2010-02-01 charlesFix typo
2010-01-17 charlesChange initnandsim to accept parameters to lauch differ...
2009-12-25 charlesChange nandsim invocation to use 256MB partition
2009-11-11 charlesUsing a bash-specific feature
2009-11-11 charlesAdd some handly Linux test stuff