yaffs Normalized headers for release branch.
[yaffs2.git] / utils /
2010-10-25 Timothy Manningyaffs Normalized headers for release branch. aleph1-release-branch
2010-09-17 Charles Manningyaffs Modify mkyaffs2image.c
2010-01-11 charlesChange parameters to packing/unpacking to fix mkyaffs2i...
2009-01-25 charlesUpdate to new tags field names
2007-03-07 colinFix all Makefile headers to be the same format
2007-02-14 wookeyUpdated headers so they really are the same
2007-02-12 wookeynormalise licence headers and attributions
2005-12-13 tpoynorMake the "convert" argument to mkyaffs*image optional.
2005-12-06 tpoynorAdd mkyaffsimage to yaffs2 module, some further "make...
2005-11-02 charlesAdd first cut mkyaffs2image util