2016-07-07 Charles Manningyaffs2: Yaffs endian support
2016-07-01 Charles ManningChange checkpoint object to using a bitfield
2016-06-06 Charles ManningAdd ability to hide lost_n_found directory
2016-05-01 Charles ManningSplit qsort from the main Yaffs Direct base
2016-03-07 Charles ManningWrite object headers with stored file extents charles_experiment
2016-03-07 Charles Manningyaffs_vfs_multi.c: Some cleanups
2016-03-02 Charles ManningChange enums to u32 for stored fields
2015-12-06 Charles ManningAdd usr mode flags
2015-11-11 Charles ManningFurther extensions for VxWorks wrapper
2015-10-22 Charles ManningSome changes to get VxWorks wrapper working
2015-06-01 Charles Manningyaffs: Remove unnecessary variable from checkpooint...
2015-06-01 Charles Manningyaffs: Keep checkpt rd/wr buffers
2015-05-31 Charles Manningyaffs: Remove unused variable
2015-05-30 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Fix wrong condition for O_CREAT | O_EXCL
2015-05-28 Charles Manningyaffs: Clean up defeated conditional.
2015-05-21 Charles Manningyaffs: Add handling for . and .. at end of path
2015-05-21 Charles ManningAdd some more basic tests
2015-05-21 Charles Manningyaffs: Fix yaffs_readdir when dereferencing a symlink
2015-05-19 Charles ManningFix directory look up.
2015-05-17 Charles Manningyaffs: fix missing checkpooint on yaffs remount
2015-05-17 Charles ManningFix vfs calls to yaffs_flush_file
2014-08-06 Charles Manningyaffs-direct: Basic tests. Add lpthread flag for backgr...
2014-08-06 Charles ManningRemove unused WinCE Makefile
2014-08-05 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Add some missing reldev functions
2014-08-05 Charles ManningTest tweaks
2014-08-05 Charles ManningSome yaffsfs cleanups for WinCE
2014-07-22 Charles ManningYaffs: Change cache policy
2014-06-18 Charles ManningUpdate to support Linux 3.14/3.15
2014-05-07 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Expose background garbage collection
2014-03-29 Charles Manningyaffs: Clean up bitfield types
2014-03-25 Charles Manningyaffs-direct: Add reldir and reldev interfaces
2014-03-04 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2014-03-04 Charles Manningyaffs-direct: Fix object leak caused by defered free
2014-01-21 Charles ManningApply fixes in cisco patch to yaffs_vfs_single
2014-01-21 Kjetil AamodtUse IS_ERR to validate return value from get_mtd_device()
2014-01-21 Kjetil AamodtReturn from yaffs_internal_read_super if kmalloc fail
2014-01-21 Charles ManningChange the object type if it turns out to be wrong...
2014-01-20 Charles ManningRemove block number check from summary verification
2013-07-11 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2013-07-11 Charles ManningAdd some extra debugging to yaffs_vfs_multi.c
2013-07-11 Charles ManningAdd some yaffs debug functions for inspecting run-time...
2013-07-11 Charles ManningInitialise device properly when doing a format.
2013-07-07 Charles ManningChange tracing for bad block checking
2013-07-07 Charles ManningHandle inband tags flag better
2013-06-26 Charles ManningAdd automatic detection for inband tags and bad block...
2013-06-24 Charles ManningClean up parameters being passed to mtd
2013-06-12 Charles ManningSplit out low level init code for making low level...
2013-05-13 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Add some basic testing for yaffs_readdir_...
2013-05-13 Charles Manningyaffsfs: Clean up example configurations.
2013-05-13 Charles ManningAdd new functions to read directories with an fd.
2013-05-13 Charles Manningyaffsfs: Add commenting for OS glue interface
2013-05-09 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2013-05-09 Charles Manningyaffs-direct: Refactor nand simulator driver look-up.
2013-05-09 Charles Manningyaffs-direct: Remove obsolete files
2013-05-07 Charles ManningFix file permissions for nand sim backing file
2013-05-07 Charles ManningAdd back temporarily disabled ECC in nand driver
2013-05-07 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2013-05-07 Charles ManningSome clean ups.
2013-05-07 Charles ManningAdd nand driver that works with a nand simulator
2013-01-18 Charles Manningyaffs linux: Fix chunk alignment for inband tags
2013-01-18 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2013-01-18 Charles Manningyaffs linux: Fix compilation for Linux 3.6, 3.7, 3.8
2013-01-18 Charles Manningyaffs linux: Rationalise and fix compilation for Linux...
2013-01-17 Timothy Manninghave added the new rename tests to quick_tests
2013-01-17 Timothy Manninghave added some of the new tests
2013-01-17 Timothy Manningfixed up all the quick tests
2013-01-16 Timothy Manningworking on the quick tests
2012-12-12 Charles Manningdirect: Fix definition of yaffs_get_file_size function
2012-12-06 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Fix renaming file over directory or direc...
2012-11-15 Timothy Manningyaffs fixed the headers of the timothy_tests makefiles...
2012-11-15 Timothy Manningyaffs all timothy_tests makefiles are working. threadin...
2012-11-15 Timothy Manningyaffs got the make files to work for timothy_tests...
2012-11-15 Timothy Manningyaffs Moving timothy_tests and updating the makefiles...
2012-11-13 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2012-11-13 Charles ManningFix broken comment
2012-11-07 Charles ManningSort out Linux kernel building with new driver model.
2012-10-24 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Fix bug where handle reinitialisation...
2012-10-14 Charles ManningAdd a brief README describing how to import core code...
2012-10-12 Charles ManningRemove misnamed test
2012-10-12 Charles ManningFix M18 driver for 64-bit systems
2012-10-12 Charles ManningAdd both regular nor and m18 tests to test harness
2012-10-12 Charles ManningAdd more test scripts
2012-10-12 Charles ManningAdd yaffs driver for regular NOR on simulator
2012-10-02 Charles ManningMerge branch 'driver-refactoring' into new-driver-refac...
2012-08-29 Charles Manningyaffs u-boot: Fix erase for inband tags. fix-uboot pre-driver-refactoring
2012-08-29 Charles Manningyaffs u-boot: Add new ycheck command, fix return types...
2012-07-26 Charles Manningyaffs: Fix issue with look-up off null names
2012-07-25 Charles Manningyaffsfs: Add yaffs_format function
2012-06-25 Charles ManningSet up a test framework. driver-refactoring
2012-06-25 Charles ManningMore driver cleanup
2012-06-21 Charles ManningSeperate drivers and tags handlers into their own inter...
2012-06-21 Charles ManningClean ups
2012-06-20 Charles ManningClean up obsolete CVS version stamps and some other...
2012-06-20 Charles Manningyaffs refactoring: Fix tags compatability bad block...
2012-06-20 Charles Manningyaffs driver refactoring: Change to Linux driver interface
2012-06-20 Charles Manningyaffs: Refactor drivers WIP - stress tests passing
2012-06-19 Charles ManningRefactor nand driver layer. WIP: yaffs2 working on...
2012-06-19 Charles Manningyaffs: By default route all writes into the yaffs cache
2012-06-19 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Fix up some code formatting.
2012-06-19 Charles ManningMerge in yaffsfs.c changes