2010-11-08 Charles Manningyaffs: Remove SHORT_NAMES_IN_RAM and WIDE_TNODE_DISABLE...
2010-11-07 Charles Manningyaffs Clean up conditional bracing
2010-11-04 Timothy Manningyaffs All of the quick_tests programs are now working.
2010-11-04 Timothy Manningyaffs Changed the logical error handling paths in yaffsfs.c
2010-11-04 Timothy Manningyaffs Added a README file and some more tests.
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs Adding more error code test programs to quick...
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs Found another bug.
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs Modified the make file to work with new name...
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs Forgot to remove some files from last commit.
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs Improvements on the quick tests code. note the...
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs Still chasing the bug.
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs Are trapping a suspeced bug in quick_tests.
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs update to quick tests.
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs commiting quick tests to git.
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs bugs all fixed
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs trying to rebase branch
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs trying to delete files
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs have been making some changes to yaffs_tester...
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs Still recreating timothy_tests.
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs Still recovering files.
2010-11-03 Timothy Manningyaffs trying to recreate timothy_tests after I deleated...
2010-11-03 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2010-11-03 Charles Manningyaffs: Switch from semaphores to mutexes
2010-11-03 Charles Manningyaffs: Redo Lindent
2010-11-03 Charles Manningyaffs: more clean up
2010-11-03 Charles Manningyaffs: More clean up
2010-11-02 Charles Manningyaffs: More clean up.
2010-11-02 Charles Manningyaffs: More clean up
2010-11-02 Charles Manningyaffs: More clean up
2010-11-01 Charles Manningyaffs: More clean up
2010-11-01 Charles Manningyaffs: Change __uxx types to uxx
2010-11-01 Charles Manningyaffs: More name changes
2010-11-01 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Make trace access functions public
2010-11-01 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Handle ENOSPC error on open
2010-10-31 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Improve error reporting for yaffs_lseek
2010-10-31 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Add proper error handler for too many...
2010-10-28 Timothy ManningMerge branch 'timothy'
2010-10-27 Timothy Manningyaffs removed direct/timothy_tests from git and added...
2010-10-27 Charles Manningyaffs: Fix some 64-bit issues linux-mainline-rc-01
2010-10-27 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2010-10-27 Charles Manningyaffs Further name changes and file reorganisation
2010-10-27 Timothy Manningyaffs improvements on timothy_tests.
2010-10-26 Timothy ManningMerge branch 'timothy'
2010-10-26 Timothy Manningyaffs Commiting some more yaffs tests showing bugs...
2010-10-25 Timothy Manningyaffs Restructuring timothy_tests folder.
2010-10-25 Timothy Manningyaffs fixing some bugs with basic-tests
2010-10-22 Timothy Manningyaffs Normalise copyright headers
2010-10-22 Timothy Manningyaffs commiting changes to timothy_tests
2010-10-21 Timothy Manningyaffs Working on timothy_tests and have updated yaffs_i...
2010-10-21 Timothy Manningyaffs working on the timothy_tests. just need to save...
2010-10-20 Timothy Manningyaffs: Merge branch 'python_play'
2010-10-20 Timothy Manningyaffs Commiting changes to yaffs_importer.py yaffs_brow...
2010-10-19 Charles Manningyaffs: Enable 64-bit building of python library
2010-10-18 Timothy Manningyaffs Commiting yaffs_tester.c and coresponding files
2010-10-18 Timothy Manningyaffs Updated the yaffs_importer README file
2010-10-18 Timothy Manningyaffs added a README for yaffs_importer.py in yaffs...
2010-10-18 Timothy Manningyaffs some more updates to yaffs_importer.py
2010-10-18 Charles Manningyaffs : Change the way yaffs direct handles permissions...
2010-10-17 Timothy Manningyaffs Made some changes to yaffs_importer.py
2010-10-15 Timothy Manningyaffs found a bug in the yaffs importer.
2010-10-15 Timothy Manningyaffs Chacing a bug in yaffs
2010-10-15 Timothy Manningyaffs Add error retrieval function for yaffs direct...
2010-10-15 Timothy Manningyaffs Yaffs importer is now working with command line...
2010-10-15 Timothy Manningyaffs Yaffs importer now works with hardlinks and symlink.
2010-10-13 Charles Manningyaffs Improve layout of proc yaffs stats
2010-10-11 Charles Manningyaffs Modify Makefile to handle multi or single version...
2010-10-11 Charles Manningyaffs Merge branch 'namechange'
2010-10-11 Timothy Manningyaffs just fixed the way in which a symlink is opened...
2010-10-11 Timothy Manningyaffs more updates on coy_files_into_yaffs_fs
2010-10-11 Timothy Manningyaffs Creating a python file which will read current...
2010-10-10 Timothy Manningyaffs Updates on the python yaffs browser
2010-10-07 Timothy ManningMerge branch 'python_play'
2010-10-07 Timothy Manningyaffs More debug for yaffs browser.
2010-10-07 Charles Manningyaffs Improve hard link handling in yaffs direct
2010-10-07 Timothy Manningyaffs The yaffs browser's st.st_mode bug has now been...
2010-10-07 Timothy Manningyaffs Yaffs browser can now create and delete hard...
2010-10-07 Timothy Manningyaffs Yaffs browser can now create and delete symlinks.
2010-10-07 Timothy Manningyaffs Can now delete files, folders, and folders with...
2010-10-07 Charles Manningyaffs Improve yaffs direct link following
2010-10-07 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2010-10-07 Charles Manningyaffs Change stat to lstats in test code
2010-10-06 Charles Manningyaffs Make more symbol changes
2010-10-06 Charles Manningyaffs More symbol changes
2010-10-06 Charles Manningyaffs First round of name changes
2010-10-06 Timothy Manningyaffs Further mods to python browser. pre-name-change
2010-10-06 Timothy ManningMerge branch 'python_play'
2010-10-06 Timothy Manningyaffs Use file emulator for python test
2010-10-06 Timothy Manningyaffs Add first cut python browser for yaffs direct
2010-10-05 Timothy Manningstarting on python browser
2010-10-04 Charles Manningyaffs: Add more messages to the patch-ker.sh script
2010-10-01 Charles Manningyaffs Add axes to data plotter
2010-09-29 Charles Manningyaffs Update README-linux to reflect kernel patching...
2010-09-26 Charles Manningyaffs Increase size of test tmpfs area
2010-09-25 Charles Manningyaffs Clean up some code
2010-09-25 Charles Manningyaffs Remove obsolete list debugging code
2010-09-25 Charles Manningyaffs Tweaks to single and multi-version yaffs
2010-09-25 Charles Manningyaffs Add multi and single version Linux glue code
2010-09-21 Charles Manningyaffs Sort out some Linux multi-version compilation...
2010-09-20 Charles Manningyaffs Add sharing control to yaffs direct
2010-09-17 Charles Manningyaffs Modify mkyaffs2image.c