2021-07-07 Charles ManningMerge branch 'time_upgrade'
2021-07-07 Charles ManningClear ll_init flag during de-initialisation
2021-07-07 Charles Manningyaffs_rtems: Add yaffs_cache to RTEMS makefile and...
2021-06-08 Charles ManningFix unmatched temporary buffer allocations
2021-06-08 Charles ManningMake the tmpfs test space larger for running long tests
2021-06-04 Timothy ManningAdded endianness support for YTIME_T
2021-06-04 Timothy ManningAdded comments to yaffs_DoUtimre
2021-06-04 Timothy ManningChanged some tabs to spaces.
2021-06-04 Timothy ManningCreated a new test to check the size of YTIME_T
2021-06-04 Timothy ManningAdded support for 64 bit time to yaffs direct.
2021-06-01 Charles ManningFix sleep logic in background gc thread example
2021-05-31 codedraughtsmanAdded some comments to dtest.c
2021-05-31 codedraughtsmanFixed timothy_tests/quick_tests
2021-05-25 Charles ManningIndex the block state string list because the order...
2021-05-25 Luca (Wei)... kernel Makefile won't work after moving cache handling...
2021-05-15 Charles Manningyaffs_guts.c : Fix missing temporary buffers when doing...
2021-05-11 Charles ManningNew yaffs2_image_maker tool to work with 4kB pages...
2021-03-26 Charles Manningyaffs_image_maker: Add ability to handle oob tags and...
2021-03-18 Charles ManningAdd a README for the image maker
2021-03-18 Charles ManningAdd endian feature to image maker and do some tidy up.
2021-03-17 Charles ManningAdd an image maker tool that generates image files...
2021-03-16 Charles ManningSome clean up and more modular cache management
2020-07-09 Charles ManningAdd CONFIG_YAFFS_NO_YAFFS1 flag to remove yaffs1 code...
2020-07-09 Charles ManningMove cache code to own file
2020-07-09 Charles ManningMove cache handling into its own file
2020-07-09 Charles ManningAdd CONFIG_YAFFS_SMALL_RAM to reduce RAM footprint
2020-07-09 Charles ManningAdd CONFIG_YAFFS_NO_TRACE to turn off all tracing
2020-06-25 Charles Manningyaffs-vfs-multi.c: Handle search context properly to...
2020-06-19 Charles ManningAdd malloc monitoring to get a sense of RAM use
2020-06-19 Charles ManningBegign bug: Fix incorrect return value
2020-05-15 Charles ManningMerge branch 'sizeofsizeof'
2020-05-15 Charles ManningAdd some RTEMS notes
2020-05-15 Charles ManningHandle cleanup when remounting rw after mounting read...
2020-05-15 Charles ManningMake buffers larger to stop compiler complaining
2020-04-23 liaohuafix wrong use of sizeof in yaffs_checkpt_close
2020-03-19 Charles ManningAdd test to dereference symlink rtems-merge
2020-03-19 Charles ManningAdd more basic tests and some clean up.
2020-03-19 Charles ManningAdd stats to flash simulator
2020-03-17 Charles Manningrtems yests: FSX
2020-03-17 Charles ManningAdd fsx file test and split up basic tests.
2020-03-13 Charles Manningrtems support: Rudimentary test harness now working.
2020-03-13 Charles ManningMakefile.rtems: Add a few missing files
2020-03-13 Charles Manningyaffs_tagsmarshall.c: Fix prototype dependency
2020-03-12 Charles Manningrtems_yaffs: Remove unnecessary flushing of symlink
2020-03-12 Jonathan Brandmeyerrtems-yaffs: Checkpoint the filesystem at unmount time
2020-03-12 Jonathan BrandMeyerrtems_yaffs: Add symlink support
2020-02-06 Charles Manningrtems-yaffs: Modes to freshen to latest Yaffs and build...
2020-02-06 Sebastian HuberImport rtems wrapper from rtems git
2019-10-21 Charles Manningfix memory leak when /proc/yaffs is read
2019-01-31 chengchaoFix race yaffs_flush_inodes against iput
2019-01-15 Charles ManningAkiko: Fix Yaffs Linux compilation for 4.9 to 4.19
2019-01-14 Charles ManningOnly load name if read succeeds
2018-08-06 Charles ManningMerge branch 'master' of ssh://aleph1.co.uk/home/aleph1...
2018-08-06 Charles ManningClean up some version dependencies
2018-07-23 Charles ManningFix hang caused by returning with lock held
2018-07-23 Charles ManningFix building for mkyaffsimage and mkyaffs2image
2018-02-26 Charles ManningFix copyright
2017-08-11 Charles ManningClean up some compilation warnings for VxWorks aleph1-release
2017-05-07 Charles ManningAdd Adre's patch for Linux 4.9
2017-04-06 Charles ManningAdd struct definition to yaffs_nameval header
2017-04-03 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Fix opening of a directory.
2016-12-03 Charles ManningChanges to test scripts
2016-12-03 Charles ManningFix yaffs_endian.h for Linux
2016-12-03 Andre RenaudChanges to enable Linux 4.8 compilation
2016-07-08 Charles Manningtimothy-tests: Fix paths for wrongly failing tests
2016-07-08 Charles Manningtimothy-tests: Change mountpoint names to match test...
2016-07-08 Charles ManningGet timothy quick tests building cleanly.
2016-07-07 Charles ManningMore compilation clean up
2016-07-07 Charles ManningCompilation clean up
2016-07-07 Charles ManningChean up nand test script
2016-07-07 Charles Manningyaffs2: Yaffs endian support
2016-07-01 Charles ManningChange checkpoint object to using a bitfield
2016-06-06 Charles ManningAdd ability to hide lost_n_found directory
2016-05-01 Charles ManningSplit qsort from the main Yaffs Direct base
2016-03-07 Charles ManningWrite object headers with stored file extents charles_experiment
2016-03-07 Charles Manningyaffs_vfs_multi.c: Some cleanups
2016-03-02 Charles ManningChange enums to u32 for stored fields
2015-12-06 Charles ManningAdd usr mode flags
2015-11-11 Charles ManningFurther extensions for VxWorks wrapper
2015-10-22 Charles ManningSome changes to get VxWorks wrapper working
2015-06-01 Charles Manningyaffs: Remove unnecessary variable from checkpooint...
2015-06-01 Charles Manningyaffs: Keep checkpt rd/wr buffers
2015-05-31 Charles Manningyaffs: Remove unused variable
2015-05-30 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Fix wrong condition for O_CREAT | O_EXCL
2015-05-28 Charles Manningyaffs: Clean up defeated conditional.
2015-05-21 Charles Manningyaffs: Add handling for . and .. at end of path
2015-05-21 Charles ManningAdd some more basic tests
2015-05-21 Charles Manningyaffs: Fix yaffs_readdir when dereferencing a symlink
2015-05-19 Charles ManningFix directory look up.
2015-05-17 Charles Manningyaffs: fix missing checkpooint on yaffs remount
2015-05-17 Charles ManningFix vfs calls to yaffs_flush_file
2014-08-06 Charles Manningyaffs-direct: Basic tests. Add lpthread flag for backgr...
2014-08-06 Charles ManningRemove unused WinCE Makefile
2014-08-05 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Add some missing reldev functions
2014-08-05 Charles ManningTest tweaks
2014-08-05 Charles ManningSome yaffsfs cleanups for WinCE
2014-07-22 Charles ManningYaffs: Change cache policy
2014-06-18 Charles ManningUpdate to support Linux 3.14/3.15
2014-05-07 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Expose background garbage collection
2014-03-29 Charles Manningyaffs: Clean up bitfield types