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Relax and Enjoy It

Relax - And Enjoy It CD

Our most popular recording, now only on CD, and fundamental to many of the others, is Relax and Enjoy It. This contains detailed instructions about tensing and relaxing the muscles in each part of the body in turn; if you follow these instructions you end up relaxed, and you cannot be relaxed and anxious at the same time.

It is useful both as a general aid to getting relaxed and specifically as a tool for training you how to deal with stressful situations.  Its companion Control your Tension deals with managing stressors that you meet repeatedly.  They and others are recorded by Dr Robert Sharpe, a well-known Behavioural Psychologist, as part of the Lifeskills series .

This recording has for years been recommended by clinics, hospitals, counsellors and general practitioners. The CD contains three tracks: Deep Relaxation Training which is the fundamental one, Quick Relaxation Training for people who have already used Track 1 repeatedly, and Differential Relaxation Training extending the training into practical situations you may face.

Price: £10.00

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