Fix wrong link
[yaffs2.git] / Kconfig
2009-11-07 charlesAdd fix for hanging objects
2009-10-14 charlesAllow the disabling of tags ECC
2009-02-04 charlesFix dependencies in Kconfig
2007-12-13 wookeyCleanup patch - Remove all trailing whitespace and...
2007-12-03 charlesChange checkpoint to calculate number of blocks require...
2007-07-23 imcdUpdate comments about use of CONFIG_YAFFS_9BYTE_TAGS...
2007-07-18 charlesRolling in Ians and other changes
2007-02-12 wookeynormalise licence headers and attributions
2006-12-19 charlesAdd Phils checkpoint configuration
2006-09-21 charlesBetter retirement and erasure checking.
2006-03-01 charlesAdd lazy loading and mtd depend
2005-12-14 charlesAdd yaffs2 autoselection
2005-12-07 charlesHook wide tnode support into Linux
2005-09-21 martyAdded some documentation to moduleconfig.h and set...
2005-08-01 lucMove around the option in Kconfig so that depending...
2005-08-01 lucnewconfig: use YAFFS_DOES_ECC instead of USE_NANDECC
2005-08-01 lucAdd missing default value for some Kconfig's entries.
2005-07-31 martyAdded files that support the ability to "patchin" yaffs...