Change yaffs_DeleteFile to yaffs_DeleteObject and improve symlink handling
[yaffs2.git] / devextras.h
2008-07-03 charlesSome cleanups, Linux 2.6.25 handling, fix handing of...
2008-07-02 charlesClean up some yaffs1 mode issues.
2008-05-05 charlesCheck in inband tags, some extra yaffs direct functions...
2008-03-17 charlesFix list init
2008-03-13 charlesChange list macros
2007-12-13 wookeyCleanup patch - Remove all trailing whitespace and...
2007-02-12 wookeynormalise licence headers and attributions
2005-08-11 martylindent
2004-11-03 charles*** empty log message ***