Add support for larger scan array
[yaffs2.git] / yaffs_mtdif2.c
2006-04-25 wookeyFix a couple of mistakes in TRACE/Error messages. Updat...
2005-12-07 charlesBack out mistaken checkin
2005-12-07 charlesWide tnode support
2005-09-20 charlesTake out CONFIG_YAFFS_YAFFS1s for easier build
2005-08-11 martylindent
2005-08-01 lucRemove the support for the old MTD.
2005-07-31 martyRemove CONFIG_YAFFS_USE_CHUNK_SIZE
2005-07-31 martyIf kernel/config.h is included in yportenv.h, then...
2005-07-20 charlesFix bad block offsets
2005-07-19 charlesApply Luc's patches
2004-12-17 charles*** empty log message ***