2007-01-19 charlesUpdate for Linux 2.6.19 support
2006-12-19 charlesAdd Phils checkpoint configuration
2006-11-29 charlesFix slow 512-byte problem. Thanx Frank.
2006-11-17 charlesRemove duplicate code. Thanks Johann
2006-11-14 charlesFix issue with rescan of pending retired blocks
2006-11-13 charlesAdd more test harness stuff
2006-11-11 charlesAdd some more tracing
2006-11-11 charlesFix offset problem in checkpt code
2006-11-10 charlesEven more checkpoint tracing
2006-11-09 charlesAdd more checkpoint tracing
2006-11-09 charlesMore checkpoint logging
2006-11-08 charlesChanges to retirement handling
2006-11-08 charlesMore changes to test harness
2006-11-08 charlesChange nBytesPerChunk to nDataBytesPerChunk
2006-11-08 charlesFix block offset with checkpointing
2006-11-07 charlesAdd more test stuff
2006-11-07 charlesFix checkpointing bug
2006-11-07 charlesReplace with own version of header file
2006-10-24 charlesFix autodetection value
2006-10-13 charlesTweaks to retirement handling
2006-10-03 charlesAdd large NAND support and improve retirement handling
2006-10-03 charlesAdd missing files to make
2006-10-03 charlesFix forced erasure check logic
2006-09-26 vwoolInterworking with 2.6.18 kernel enabled
2006-09-21 charlesBetter retirement and erasure checking.
2006-09-14 charlesBounds check on ecc correction
2006-09-05 charlesFix problem where a chmod with no file write could...
2006-07-25 charlesMake sure mode is sane
2006-06-05 charlesAdd checkpoint source to kernel compilation
2006-06-05 charlesAdd Nick's yaffs1 autoselection
2006-06-05 charlesAdd support for larger scan array
2006-05-25 charlesAdd Sergey's patch
2006-05-25 charlesAdd Sergey's patch
2006-05-25 charlesFix SGID problem
2006-05-23 charlesFix problem with checkpoint free space handling
2006-05-21 charlesFix some checkpoint stuff, add qsort
2006-05-21 charlesAdd qsort
2006-05-17 charlesAdd non-partitioned checkpointing
2006-05-17 charlesNon-partitioned checkpointing; fix to cache small read...
2006-05-08 charlesCheckpointing changes
2006-04-25 wookeyFix a couple of mistakes in TRACE/Error messages. Updat...
2006-04-21 colinFix trivial compiler warning
2006-03-21 charlesFix unmount spare buffer leak
2006-03-08 charlesFlush entire cache at umount
2006-03-01 charlesFix possible null ptr dereference
2006-03-01 charlesAdd lazy loading and mtd depend
2006-03-01 charlesAdd lazy loading
2006-02-08 charlesAdd hardlinks to yaffs direct
2006-02-08 charlesFix free space reporting as per Mikhail Rileev's patch
2006-02-08 charlesAdd Todds readdir rewind mechanism
2006-02-02 charlesFix negative hash problem
2006-01-27 tpoynorAdd /proc interface for modifying debugging trace flags...
2006-01-27 charlesRemove unused lazyloaded field
2006-01-25 tpoynorHandle partial writes more gracefully: return partial...
2006-01-24 tpoynorAdd generic sendfile method for yaffs2, also thereby...
2005-12-20 charlesDon't mark objects deleted during scanning
2005-12-19 charlesFix deleted hardlink handling
2005-12-15 charlesFix conditional
2005-12-14 charlesAdd yaffs2 autoselection
2005-12-13 tpoynorMake the "convert" argument to mkyaffs*image optional.
2005-12-08 charlesApply Reed's deadlocking fix (manually applied)
2005-12-08 charlesFix kernel compilation probs
2005-12-07 charlesHook wide tnode support into Linux
2005-12-07 charlesBack out mistaken checkin
2005-12-07 charlesWide tnode support
2005-12-06 tpoynorAdd mkyaffsimage to yaffs2 module, some further "make...
2005-11-29 martySubject: [Yaffs] Avoid tagsEccUnfixed stats bump on...
2005-11-14 charlesApply 2.6.14 patches from Andre
2005-11-07 charlesChange tracing flags
2005-11-07 charlesRemove kernel version test
2005-11-02 charlesAdd first cut mkyaffs2image util
2005-10-27 martyPatch from Sergey Kubushyn [ksi@koi8.net]
2005-10-27 martyPatch from Todd Poyner (tpoynor@mvista.com)
2005-10-13 charlesThrow out obsolete code
2005-10-09 charlesUse vmalloc for large memory allocations
2005-10-07 charlesImprove YDI lookup and device prefic handling
2005-10-07 charlesAdd support for vmallocing large blockInfos
2005-09-21 martyAdded some documentation to moduleconfig.h and set...
2005-09-21 charlesFix problem introduced my mv over fix
2005-09-20 charlesMove comment
2005-09-20 charlesImprove ecc warnings
2005-09-20 martySilly Marty, picked wrong guard for moduleconfig.h
2005-09-20 charlesTake out CONFIG_YAFFS_YAFFS1s for easier build
2005-09-20 charlesFix rename over problem
2005-09-20 charlesAdd support for faster yaffs direct look-ups. Fix renam...
2005-09-20 charlesAdd support for faster yaffs direct look-ups.
2005-09-18 martyModified Makefile to allow 'out of kernel tree' module...
2005-08-16 charleslindent
2005-08-11 charles*** empty log message ***
2005-08-11 martylindent
2005-08-11 martylindent
2005-08-11 charlesLindent
2005-08-10 charles*** empty log message ***
2005-08-10 charlesChange bad block marker to Y to identify YAFFS-marked...
2005-08-09 charlesStrip obsolete code
2005-08-09 charlesStrip obsolete code
2005-08-09 charlesComplete shadowing
2005-08-09 charlesyaffs_ramem2k.c moved to direct
2005-08-09 charles*** empty log message ***
2005-08-04 lucFix an error in writepage when a file is extended.