2005-07-31 charlesAdd stuff for object shadowing and fix a constness
2005-07-31 martyIf kernel/config.h is included in yportenv.h, then...
2005-07-31 martyapplied patch 14-sparse-fix--remove-unused.diff
2005-07-31 martyapplied patch 13-sparse-fix--make-some-symbol-static...
2005-07-31 martyapplied patch 11-sparse-fix--use-C99-struct-initializer...
2005-07-31 martyApplied patch 03-read-super-MTD-if-CONFIG_YAFFS-or...
2005-07-31 charlesReplace linux/config.h with yportenv.h and remove some...
2005-07-31 charlesAdd linux/config.h here and change include markers
2005-07-29 lucGive a name to the nandemul2k MTD device.
2005-07-29 lucFix devname which was faked by always using "(unavailab...
2005-07-29 lucSet the correct uid/gid of newly created files when...
2005-07-29 lucMake private the nand_scan() function defined in nandem...
2005-07-29 lucFix some declarations mismatch between the MTD interfac...
2005-07-29 lucAdd missing #include file: yaffs_nandemul2k.h and remov...
2005-07-29 lucMove the internals read_super() functions near the...
2005-07-29 lucRemove #include file obsoleted in Linux-2.6
2005-07-29 lucAdd missing #include <linux/config.h>
2005-07-27 charlesClean up field assignments
2005-07-27 charlesFix compiler warnings
2005-07-26 charlesAllow /proc/yaffs to handle multiple fs
2005-07-26 charlesFix structure field assignments
2005-07-26 charlesPrevent recursive gc
2005-07-20 charlesFix bad block offsets
2005-07-19 charlesApply Luc's patches
2005-07-18 charlesSome improvements to garbage collection and st_xxx...
2005-07-18 charlesSome tinkering on test harness and st_xxx to yst_xxx...
2005-07-06 charlesFix issue with zero page
2005-07-05 charlesAllow use of page zero
2005-07-03 charlesAdd cache write through and some benign fixes
2005-07-03 charles*** empty log message ***
2005-04-29 charles*** empty log message ***
2005-04-29 charlesFix df size problem
2005-04-24 charlesAdd scanning speedups
2005-04-24 charlesMake bigger RAM emulation
2005-04-24 charlesFix 2.6 special inodes
2005-04-24 charlesFix problem when accessing unmounted fs
2005-04-24 charlesChange to kill_block_super
2005-03-16 charlesAdd patches from Nick Banes for compatability
2004-12-17 charles*** empty log message ***
2004-12-17 charles*** empty log message ***
2004-11-22 charles*** empty log message ***
2004-11-21 charles*** empty log message ***
2004-11-16 charles*** empty log message ***
2004-11-03 charles*** empty log message ***
2004-11-03 charles*** empty log message ***
2004-11-03 charles*** empty log message ***
2004-11-03 charles*** empty log message ***