2010-01-05 charlesFix issue with unlinking hardlinks failing sanity check
2010-01-05 charlesAdd another test
2010-01-01 charlesClear creation counters when deinitialising.
2009-12-30 charlesAdd more comment for yaffs_PruneWorker function.
2009-12-25 charlesChange nandsim invocation to use 256MB partition
2009-12-25 charlesFix pruning to work correctly with wide Tnodes
2009-12-23 charlesFSX runs much better with this
2009-12-22 charlesFix obvious 64-bit issues. Mounts and does basic touch...
2009-12-14 charlesNew partial block handing to improve robustness
2009-12-14 charlesAdd fuzzer work in progress
2009-12-14 charlesUpdate README
2009-12-14 charlesUpdate not stress test
2009-12-07 charlesChange to strnlen() and strncpy() to avoid problems...
2009-12-06 charlesClear shadowing during garbage collection since its...
2009-12-06 charlesAdd tracMask control option to tests to allow them...
2009-12-03 charlesFix problem where symllink alias pointer was being...
2009-12-03 charlesAdd more info to python test
2009-11-29 charlesNew fix for readdir hang
2009-11-29 charlesRevert readdir locking fix that doesn't work properly
2009-11-11 charlesChange locking to allow reentry during readdir
2009-11-11 charlesUsing a bash-specific feature
2009-11-11 charlesFix low-mem issue
2009-11-11 charlesAdd some handly Linux test stuff
2009-11-10 charlesImprove out of memory handling
2009-11-09 charlesMore test stuff
2009-11-09 charlesMore test code
2009-11-07 charlesMore test tweaks
2009-11-07 charlesAdd fix for hanging objects
2009-11-03 charlesAdd cleanup for aborted checkpoint
2009-11-03 charlesAdd extra info to checkpoint trace
2009-11-03 charlesAdd more tracing to tests
2009-10-30 charlesAdd option descriptions
2009-10-30 charlesChange default trace mask
2009-10-29 charlesFix checkpoint to handle out of space conditions better
2009-10-19 charlesClean up code formatting
2009-10-15 charlesRuntime disbale of lazy loading. Fix problem where...
2009-10-15 charlesExtend info in tests
2009-10-14 charlesChange tests so they can run in parallel in same directory
2009-10-14 charlesAllow the disabling of tags ECC
2009-10-13 charlesMore python example stuff
2009-10-13 charlesAdd some python examples
2009-10-12 charlesFull change over to ctypes
2009-10-09 charlesChange from SWIG to ctypes... much easier
2009-10-08 charlesMore SWIG pythonry
2009-10-08 charlesMore python stuff
2009-10-08 charlesAdd first cut of python bindings
2009-10-08 charlesAdd missing function, if only stubs
2009-09-23 charlesImprove sync to flush metadata
2009-09-18 charlesChange defualt fs permissions
2009-09-18 charlesMore recent 2.6.8 versions need this change too
2009-09-09 charlesRationalise stats gathering for nand access. Does not...
2009-09-09 charlesNo need to do chunk finding the group has one chunk
2009-08-11 charlesFix 2 problems: rmdir of non-empty dir, handling 255...
2009-07-29 charlesPrevent corner case of a block changing state during...
2009-07-28 charlesFix problem where object creation fills flash
2009-06-19 charlesHandle malloc failure in checkpoint open.
2009-06-08 charlesOnly subtract softDeletions once ber block gc.
2009-05-26 charlesmtime and ctime should be changed when a directory...
2009-05-26 charlesGet directory mtime to update correctly
2009-05-25 charlesGet directory mtime to update correctly
2009-05-12 charlesFix -ENOSPC to work properly with zero length writes
2009-03-17 wookeyThis file escaped copyright date update. Fixed.
2009-03-09 wookeyOne whitespace fix
2009-03-09 charlesMore formatting
2009-03-09 charlesMore formatting
2009-03-09 charlesMore formatting
2009-03-09 charlesMore formatting fixes
2009-03-06 wookeyMajor whitespace/style changes to match Linux checkpatc...
2009-03-05 charlesRemove bigus test
2009-03-05 charlesChange yaffs_DeleteFile to yaffs_DeleteObject and impro...
2009-03-05 charlesChange inode deletion to prevent issue raised by YBUG
2009-03-05 charlesGet rid of KERN_DEBUG so that TRACE_OS works consistently
2009-03-01 charlesAdd Linux 2.6.29 support
2009-02-09 charlesAdd experimental yaffs_nandif.[ch]
2009-02-04 charlesClean up ununed variable and formatting
2009-02-04 charlesFix dependencies in Kconfig
2009-01-27 charlesChange string concats to work with all OSs
2009-01-27 charlesChange string concats to work with all OSs
2009-01-27 charlesConsolidate with Android fixes
2009-01-26 charlesClean up come cruft
2009-01-26 charlesChange Linux kernel kmalloc flag to prevent deadlock
2009-01-26 charlesRemove obsolete file
2009-01-25 charlesUpdate to new tags field names
2009-01-23 charlesStrip out obsolete WinCE code. No longer needed because...
2009-01-23 charlesUpdate free chunk count for skipped chunks
2009-01-22 charlesChange Linux glue code to work with 2.6.28
2009-01-22 charlesChange kernel patchin script for 2.6.28 friendliness
2009-01-19 charlesMore test fiddling
2009-01-18 charlesReplace printf with proper tracing
2009-01-18 charlesAdd autocheckpoint control
2009-01-16 charlesTweak tests
2009-01-16 charlesChange some object verification
2009-01-16 charlesReplace test scrips with nand and nor versions
2009-01-16 charlesImprove test harness for yaffs2 mode
2009-01-16 charlesImprove handling of ecc on tags
2009-01-16 charlesHandle unfixed ecc errors better when scanning
2009-01-12 charlesConsolidate unlinked file handling durinit init to...
2009-01-12 charlesMore test clean ups
2009-01-09 charlesMore test fiddling
2009-01-09 charlesFix compiler grizzle