descriptionThe YAFFS2 repository.
ownerAleph )ne
last changeSun, 1 May 2016 19:23:33 +0000 (07:23 +1200)
2016-05-01 Charles ManningSplit qsort from the main Yaffs Direct base master aleph1-release
2016-03-07 Charles ManningWrite object headers with stored file extents charles_experiment
2016-03-07 Charles Manningyaffs_vfs_multi.c: Some cleanups
2016-03-02 Charles ManningChange enums to u32 for stored fields
2015-12-06 Charles ManningAdd usr mode flags
2015-11-11 Charles ManningFurther extensions for VxWorks wrapper
2015-10-22 Charles ManningSome changes to get VxWorks wrapper working
2015-06-01 Charles Manningyaffs: Remove unnecessary variable from checkpooint...
2015-06-01 Charles Manningyaffs: Keep checkpt rd/wr buffers
2015-05-31 Charles Manningyaffs: Remove unused variable
2015-05-30 Charles Manningyaffs direct: Fix wrong condition for O_CREAT | O_EXCL
2015-05-28 Charles Manningyaffs: Clean up defeated conditional.
2015-05-21 Charles Manningyaffs: Add handling for . and .. at end of path
2015-05-21 Charles ManningAdd some more basic tests
2015-05-21 Charles Manningyaffs: Fix yaffs_readdir when dereferencing a symlink
2015-05-19 Charles ManningFix directory look up.
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