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Author: Schneeberger, Eric
To: yaffs@stoneboat.aleph1.co.uk
Subject: [Yaffs] file doesn't exist
Hello, we are having a problem that only seems to appears with new devices from our factory.

yaffs_lstat will return -1, aka file doesn't exist.


  1.  Initial power-up we default our configuration files.
     *   We have multiply mount points but it appears to happen only on the first mount point. Blocks 1-32
  2.  Reboot and files all exist in fist mount point. (yaffs_lstat returns 0)
  3.  Do a write to a file in first mount point
     *   Any file (from what I can tell)
  4.  Reboot and all files don't exist (yaffs_lstat returns -1)
  5.  From then on any write and reboot the files will exist.
     *   I haven't been able to reproduce it after this.

FYI flash NAND is a micron MT29F1G08ABADA.

Has anyone seen such behavior?

Any help is appreciated.


Eric Schneeberger
Senior Firmware Engineer
P 651.789.7315
Global Traffic Technologies, LLC * 7800 Third Street North * St. Paul, Minnesota 55128-5441


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